Stereotypes and Cultural Relativism: Nothing is Definitive

What does it mean to be a Mundusian? With a purpose largely centered around getting my head straight for this exam essay topic set yesterday and due over the weekend, here is another prolix post on some recent observations around the Mundus programme. I tend to over-think and over-analyse everything.  Actually everything.  I go into … Continue reading Stereotypes and Cultural Relativism: Nothing is Definitive


Today we finally began the programme. It was a fairly short day, only noon to 16 (4PM), but it was wonderful to finally put voices to faces after "meeting" so many of my colleagues on Facebook.  There are nearly 80 of us from over 40 countries: Denmark, USA, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Great Britain, The Netherlands, … Continue reading Orientation


All about the Aarhus Art Museum (Aarhus Kunstmuseum). Before I just jump in and start describing the eccentricities of the Aarhus Art Museum, I will fill in a bit about what I've been up to. Working! Exploring! Getting a little lost! Thinking there is a black hole or rip in the space time continuum on … Continue reading ARoS