Split & Šolta

A photo essay describing the different sights of Croatia's 2nd-largest city, Split, and the nearby island of Šolta. To view properly, click the first photo, and then click through the photos as you read the short captions.

Živeli, Croatia

Živeli: Croatian or Serbian meaning something like 'live long' or 'let's live', used for 'cheers'. It's 1AM before I finally kick off my boots and peel off my socks. They are damp with the late night rain, and sweat from almost 24 hours of traveling, walking and dancing. The damp comes as no surprise. The … Continue reading Živeli, Croatia

Stereotypes and Cultural Relativism: Nothing is Definitive

What does it mean to be a Mundusian? With a purpose largely centered around getting my head straight for this exam essay topic set yesterday and due over the weekend, here is another prolix post on some recent observations around the Mundus programme. I tend to over-think and over-analyse everything.  Actually everything.  I go into … Continue reading Stereotypes and Cultural Relativism: Nothing is Definitive