The walk took the better part of the day and left us tired, sunburnt and sore, but it was still incredibly fun. After finally making the almost 7 kilometers to Nečujam, and stopping a while for lunch and a swim in the cold Adriatic, we began to try to make our way back to Rogač, as we were not sure when the last ferry went back to Split. We ended up having to stop and ask different locals at their houses for directions; the first man spoke enough Spanish for me to figure out he spoke Italian, and to grab my suddenly quite useful Italian-national friend to assist in getting directions back around the mountains. Our hope was that we would not have to go back the way we came, as it had taken nearly two hours. We managed to find an English-speaking man at the end of the first’s directions, who directed us to a road that he called “almost a road.” It ended up being a tremendously overgrown path up the mountain, following a low-lying stone wall that was probably hundreds of years old. We jokingly referred to it as “Goat Road #3,” and had good fun getting back to Rogač quickly enough to stop for drinks at a cafe while we waited on the ferry.

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