Today we finally began the programme.

It was a fairly short day, only noon to 16 (4PM), but it was wonderful to finally put voices to faces after “meeting” so many of my colleagues on Facebook.  There are nearly 80 of us from over 40 countries:

Denmark, USA, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Moldova, Romania, Bahrain, Montenegro, Nigeria, Gambia, Pakistan, China, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, Cuba, New Zealand, Brazil, Switzerland, Kenya, Russia, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Canada, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Finland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Cambodia, Egypt, Ecuador, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

We spent a little time going around the room and having everyone quickly say their name, country, most recent degree, and journalism experience.  I can’t even begin to recount all of the different backgrounds and degrees that were said, but suffice it to say I am just blown away by the opportunity to study and learn with all of these people.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the course load presented to us for the next month, but I think most of us were geeking out with elation over much of the reading, research and writing involved (I know I am).  We’re definitely going to be working our asses off for a bit, there’s no doubt about that — assignments for each class session on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, additional work for guest lecturers coming in on some Thursdays, group presentations, in-class discussions, TA critiques, essays, the final paper, and reading, reading, reading.  Our literature list seems to go on endlessly!  Thankfully, though, almost all of our reading materials are available to us free of charge on the online, Blackboard-like system AULA.

All but the professor’s book.  Har.
(Though to be honest I’m quite looking forward to owning it and reading the whole thing on my own time, minus the excerpts expected of us for class.)

I could go on and on with more of what they told us (I am still bubbling with excitement and cherry Coke), but alas I need to cease the procrastination and go finish watching Denmark play Turkey!

Just kidding, I need to go tackle this first pile of readings and essay assignment for Friday, the first real day of class.

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