Finally in Denmark.

I made it to Denmark this past Wednesday, and so far am really enjoying myself.  Stayed in Copenhagen for a couple of days to get my bearings and learn how treacherous the Danish language is (not really, but seriously), and am finding how remarkably similar the architecture is to that of Amsterdam — not that it is terribly surprising.

I was a bit surprised at how chill the weather already is; one of my floormates informed me that I’ve missed Danish summer by a couple of weeks.  It’s pleasant nonetheless, even with the scattered (usually afternoon) showers that result in a blossoming of umbrellas and an explanation as to why everyone is always in a jacket.

While the exterior of Tandlæge Kollegiet here in Aarhus looks much like the Hendrefoelan Student Village in Swansea, the inside is completely different.  Instead of being separate houses, it’s much more like a proper dorm with building-length halls and large shared kitchens at each end.  I am fortunate enough to have my own toilet & shower; apparently the “poor sods” on the other half of the building have communal bathrooms. I was also happy to see how organized everything is in the kitchens, with multiple mini-fridges and cabinets labeled and locked by room number.

One thing of note, there is a small church next door with bells that make the church seem much bigger than it is.  They started clanging promptly at 7AM Saturday, with such force as to first make me think they were sounding a raid of some sort.  I’ve been assured that you don’t register them after a while.

I don’t currently have wireless internet, so until I get out my Nikon to take “real” pictures, photos pulled from Instagram will have to suffice.

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